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Knuckles, Grandma Bea is an endearing and memorable story about a young girl's connection to her babysitter and the bonds that remain even after having to say goodbye. 


Grandma Bea is an extraordinary babysitter. She always comes to the house with a book, a craft, a special snack, and a game. She is wise and understanding, always ready with an encouraging "Oh.....My.....Goodness!"


Julie and her family love Grandma Bea so much. When Grandma Bea becomes ill, the family shows us how they experience their grief, loss, and ultimately hope of an everlasting connection.


Knuckles, Grandma Bea was inspired many years ago when my daughters lost their babysitter to breast cancer.  Our babysitter was absolutely amazing, just like Grandma Bea. It is my hope that some of her incredible light and wisdom shines through this book and that anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one will find some comfort in this story. For all the wonderful caretakers, I hope Knuckles, Grandma Bea provides some talking points for this very difficult topic.

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