Hi! I'm Sherri Levitt Cadmus and this is my first children's picture book called Knuckles, Grandma Bea!

Grandma Bea_Cover_Full Front Cover_Bold

When I'm not working on my book, I'm walking my dog and taking nature photos, training our new puppy to not eat everything he sees, breaking up power fights between my two cats, helping my two teen girls to endure social distance learning, trying to give my college freshman space though I wish I could FaceTime her all day long, and sometimes making an actual home-cooked meal for my meat-eating husband and vegetarian (sometimes Vegan) kids. On really good days, I try to fit in yoga or painting. 

In the past, I worked in advertising and marketing, was an ESL Professor, became a certified Life Coach, and owned and operated an art gallery called ArtSpace where I offered art classes, team-building events and workshops.