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"With gentle words and comforting illustrations, Knuckles Grandma Bea, is a story that will continue to touch the hearts of all who read it. I know it did mine! This book is a treasure." Joyce C. Mills, Ph.D, Author of Gentle Willow

"A beautiful children's book about death and grieving for someone you love. Insightfully and sensitively told, this book encourages open and honest conversations about a difficult topic." E

Elke Thompson (formerly Barber), Author of "Is Daddy Coming Home in a Minute?"

"This beautifully told story is a great resource for therapists, as it addresses the bonds that young children develop with their caregivers, while valuing and validating their experience of grief and loss." Maria Cappetta, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

"This is a sweet story that tackles the touchy subject of death in a way that kids can handle." Edie Colgan, ESOL Instructor

"I like the idea of someone we love always watching over us." Regina Freidin, Parent

"A heartfelt story told beautifully. It's more about life than death. More about showing than knowing. A story about the Angels within us." Bob Levitt, Parent

"I literally started crying at my desk.  So sweet!

Jodi Diamond, CEO Boys & Girls Clubs of Oceanside

"... it flows so easily and would definitely be accessible to young readers."  Amery Rock, Educator

"I was surprisingly and spontaneously in tears ... Your book is VERY relatable."  Beth Hoffman, Parent

"Knuckles, Grandma Bea," is a charming story about how those on the outside of our own families can hold meaning in our lives, sometimes much like our own relatives do. It starts in a playful way and takes us through the process of learning how to deal with illness and grief, and attachment and loss in a way that also emphasizes the idea that true connection never dies. Seen through the eyes of a child's interpretation, Grandma Bea is a good book for anyone who has lost, or may lose an older relative, teacher or caregiver and offers another way to look at the narrative that love lives eternally within each of us."   Madison Charap, Intuitive Counselor, Healer      

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